Inventing Words

I love coming up with new words and seeing if I can get other people to pick them up in their own conversations.  Here’s two of my all time favorites –

sil·ver–jinx noun \ˈsil-vər\ˈjiŋ(k)s\

: a supposed curse that turned out to be beneficial <the loss of social outlets turned out to be a silverjinx when it caused her to focus on her writing>
: one that brings bad luck that has blessings; also : the state or spell of bad luck brought on by a jinx that turns out to be good luck in disguise

car·ni·val·istic adjective \ˈkär-nə-vəl·is·tic\

: a season or festival of merrymaking with a macabre flavor
a: an instance of merrymaking, feasting, or masquerading with violent riotous excess <it was carnivalistic mayhem>
and here’s another purpose for an old favorite -

car·ni·val noun \ˈkär-nə-vəl\

: a group of the undead or zombies <a carnival of zombies stood waiting>

About Angela Yuriko Smith

Dandilyon Fluff is moving towards its five year mark and is written by those in the publishing industry. Among the regular contributors are published authors, editors, book cover designers and reviewers.
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