Teaching creative writing, social media, this fall…

Here are all the details for the creative writing and social media classes I will be teaching this fall beginning September 19. The classes will be at the Northwest Florida State College, Niceville campus, on Mondays. Sign up is through the college’s Personal Enrichment Program.

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Panhandle Focus Update

Panhandle Focus thumbPlease be advised that the Panhandle Focus will change publication format beginning August 1 and will move from a PDF community news publication to a blog format.

I still welcome your news items and invite you to submit them to angelayurikosmith@gmail.com.

The news items are now published here under a Panhandle Focus tag and can be found at http://dandilyonfluff.com/category/panhandle-focus/.

The PanhandleFocus.com address will soon lead to a page where archives from the past year may be downloaded for free.

Calendar events continue to be posted at http://dandilyonfluff.com/panhandle-focus-calendar/

The info@PanhandleFocus.com email will be closed by Friday, July 22 and I can be reached at angelayurikosmith@gmail.com.

Thank you, it has been an immense pleasure working with you over the past year and I hope I will continue to hear from you.


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I’m on RednecksGoneWild.com…really!

A clip from the RednecksGoneWild video, "Fishing & Making New Friends."

A clip from the RednecksGoneWild video, “Fishing & Making New Friends.”

A chance meeting with Kevin from RednecksGoneWild.com the other day resulted in an appearance by me on his channel!

I had just come home from work and was walking the dog. The day was hot and muggy, and I just happened to be wearing one of my loveliest work shirts, complete with bleach marks.

IMG_20160716_095236If I’d have known I was going to be on Kevin’s channel with all his 25K+ subscribers, I’d have worn a clean shirt!

I’ve embedded the video here. I make my debut at about 15 minutes in, if you are in a hurry, but the whole video is worth watching. My favorite story? The bees wielding instant karma :)

How funny to think I ran a successful YouTuber while on a muggy walk with my dog Cheeky (who also makes a cameo appearance).

As for my own channel, new videos are in the works but things have been delayed while Mr. Smith and I finish the transition from three-bedroom-house to 31 foot RV. All the details in will be up soon for your viewing pleasure. In the meantime, thank you to Kevin from RednecksGoneWild.com for including me in one of his recent videos… even if I was caught at my worst!

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Roadside Blog Post

Alone in a dead car next to a railroad track along a sparsely traveled highway parked in the weeds... STORY INSPIRATION!!!

Alone in a dead car parked in the weeds next to a railroad track along a sparsely traveled highway… STORY INSPIRATION!!!

I was all excited to share one of the latest Rednecksgonewild.com videos which I happen to make an appearance in, but as fate would have it I am busy spending my evening stranded on a country road in a town (?) called Mossy Head, a.k.a. redneck country.

My normally dependable car has overheated so here I sit, waiting for roadside assistance. This is our first night in our new RV. Despite the obvious inconvenience I am enjoying the challenge.

No one is injured and cars can be replaced and fixed. I have a rare opportunity to sit out here on the side of the road in the country dark, listening to things squeak and rustle in the grass.

I’m across the highway from a train track and the moon overhead is nearly full. The scene seems ripe, like a romantic interlude in a spooky story. Without competition from city lights, the stars burn with a ferocious joy.

Under the big sky, I find that I am grateful that fate has chosen to force me from my path to experience the secret life that exists on the side of the road.

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Camper Day Tomorrow (more photos)!

Tomorrow our new RV/full-time-home will be delivered. This weekend we have been busy selling off and giving away most of our possessions. We’ve been setting up electricians and preparing the concrete pad that will be our new home-on-wheel’s foundation. And… we bought a composting toilet. You can get anything on Amazon ;p

I promised more photos of our new tiny home… can’t wait to start moving in!



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Furniture is gone…

Everything must go!

Tonight I am working in a nearly empty house. All our furniture has been sold off today at a massive garage sale.

The few items left, like the couch, will be sent away tomorrow. The emptiness is soothing. I didn’t realize how much attention our possessions demanded from us until now.

My desk has become a small, plastic fold out table. On it are the essentials — two monitors, a printer, keyboard, mouse and phone. There isn’t room for anything else. Soon, that’s how we will be living our lives. The essentials will be there — our monchu and our work. That’s where our focus will be.

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We’re going full-time RV!

Our new home...

Our new home…

Mr. Smith and I just bought an RV and we plan to live in it full time. If you’ve been reading this blog long enough you might remember that I used to live in a 1968 Airstream full time, but when Mr. Smith and I joined households it was a little small for the both of us. When the teenagers moved back in, a house was needed.

The (tiny) kitchen of my dreams...

The (tiny) kitchen of my dreams…

The stars have aligned for us recently and we decided it was time to simplify our lives again and return to full-time RV life…. with some modifications. No more antique campers and it had to be over 30 feet.

We decided to take a peek over the 4th of July weekend and found the RV of our dreams. We got an amazing deal on this one because much of the furniture was removed. That was perfect for us because we planned to remove most of the RV furniture anyways.

The original RV life experiment...

The original RV life experiment…

We take possession of our new home next Monday. Until then we are busy trying to liquidate a three bedroom house with a two and a half car garage and extra large junk room.

Thanks to my daughter spending her day off on Craigslist, much of the big items have already found new homes.

More updates soon on Operation Simplification…

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New Video: Selfish Reasons to Walk Your Dog

I love my dog Cheeky and taking walks together is a highlight to both our days. Here are 5 selfish reasons to walk your dog starring Cheeky the Sneaky.

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Happy Fourth!

IMG_20160704_093727We celebrated the Fourth of July in the country this year. I had a nice run on dirt roads and then later we lit fireworks.

Because it was so dark out there, the light show was intense. The silence was therapeutic.

I think I am a fan of the country (as long as I don’t see any ticks!)


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Down 5 pounds, up 5 miles :)

IMG_20160702_200124This week I’ve been catching back up to where I was prior to my Las Vegas trip derailment. I’m back up to 5 miles a day and yesterday’s run put me back into the top 6% in the You Vs. The Year challenge. I’m splitting my run up to be 2.5 twice a day to maximize my recovery and metabolism boost. Plus it’s easier to vanish for a half hour over a full hour.

I think the major thing that’s helping me with the running is staying off the sugar. I did splurge earlier in the week and the next day’s run felt like I was stuck in syrup. I’ve been experimenting with honey and don’t get the same cravings, weight gain or slow feeling I do with sugar.

When I do want a sweet treat I either have a 310 Lemonade or a cold coffee with honey, cinnamon, cardamom and a touch of nutmeg. Just yesterday I received my 310 Tea in the mail so I’m eager to try that. I’ve got a tumbler all brewed up and ready to drink just before this evening’s run.

So, despite a month and a half of sugar gluttony and skipped runs, this week I can report that I’m back where I was in May. I’ve lost the 5 pounds I had gained and I’m back up to 5 miles…. and I’ve started thinking of 13K runs. Time for a new goal???


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