Yes, writers hear voices…


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Technical difficulties…

technical-difficulties blogGoDaddy servers were down today so my window of blogging opportunity passed without me. JUST to say I did keep to my daily blogging schedule, here it is.

This is me tired. Had a great day at Cafe Bienville, worked for hours on a new project that I’m excited to reveal soon and now I’m ready to head to bed (after hanging laundry and making coffee for tomorrow).

BUT… I did officially blog today despite the tech issues.

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Final seven days

20150727_150650I’m on the final seven days of the antibiotic and I’m feeling fantastic. Today I start my new job at Cafe Bienville and I have a few other projects simmering right now.

Looking forward to an amazing week!

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What Bruce Lee Taught Me

Angela and Sonja  in Wyoming

Angela and Sonja in Wyoming

I’ve loved Bruce Lee since I was a teen. As proof, I submit a photo taken of me and a friend in our dorm room at University of Wyoming.

The taller girl on the right with black hair is Sonja. I’m the shorter one with the red hair. Behind me, to the left, is part of Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee was more than a lean, graceful powerhouse of destruction. He represented strength, flexibility and endurance. No matter how bad things got, Bruce never gave up. As long as he kept fighting, he would win.

The other day I came across a rare video of Bruce Lee telling his philosophical life principals. It’s all what I already knew, but to hear his voice say it makes it more real.

“Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later the man who wins, is the man who thinks he can.”  – Bruce Lee


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Horror on so many levels…

The Black Chronicle Mister

Independent horror actor Bill Oberst Jr. as Mister, the serial killer from The Black Chronicle.

An interesting new development in the horror entertainment industry with The Black Chronicle from Red Right Hand Publishing— a story that uses interactive media to bring immersive reading to a whole new level.

The man behind The Black Chronicle, Oldrich Stibor, has created a “transmedia” experience to heighten reader experience. Transmedia seeks to break terrifying new ground and take a story outside of the text and into a readers daily experience.

An example of this might be receiving a real life telephone call from actor Bill Oberst, the actor that provides the voice and personality for the book’s serial killer Mister. You might be at work, having an ordinary day, when an unrecognized number dials in. The voice on the other end is a sinister reminder of what you read the night before, huddled under your sheets in the dark. Forget the afternoon mocha—you’ve just gotten a shot of adrenaline that will have you wide awake, and looking around corners, all night long.

Interested in trying out this transmedia reading experience? The publisher behind The Black Chronicle is offering two stories each month for free, for a limited time, to those who sign up. They promise they will never spam, only terrify you. Visit their page, Red Right Hand Publishing, for details on that. You can also find them on Facebook.

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Bienville life…

Cafe BienvilleI will be at Cafe Bienville starting this Tuesday and I can’t wait. Anytime I mention “Cafe Bienville” I hear good things back.

Everyone seems to have a story about how wonderful the owners, Matt and Melissa French, are. I have heard them described as “salt of the earth,” “wonderful people” and “pillars of the community.”

Cafe Bienville itself has a vibrant, positive energy that inspires. You don’t visit Cafe Bienville—you are drawn into it like a nurturing embrace. It’s a place that celebrates who you are as an individual. It’s the kind of place that makes the world brighter with the light it exudes.

How appropriate that a cafe like this would sit in the heart of a town called Niceville. It’s the community seat; a place for chatting, playing games and sharing a delicious meal. I consider it a privilege to call it my new work home starting Tuesday.

Come have lunch and say hello :)

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Celebrate: Final Countdown

November 13, 2013

November 13, 2013

Today is my last day at the Beacon and I know it will be bittersweet. Change happens—we can embrace change and grow or deny change and be buried. I choose to grow on.

Today I’m celebrating change and the beneficial time I have spent at the newspaper. I’m celebrating my health—the antibiotics are doing their work and I’m feeling almost back to normal. I’m celebrating dodging bullets, new books and new friends.

I’m celebrating that I have so much to celebrate.

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Another review of Mae

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 11.13.39 PMAnother review of End of Mae went up on Wanda Hartzenberg’s excellent review blog. This woman is probably responsible for singlehandedly bringing in more reviews and kudos to authors than Oprah! I could be guilty of hyperbole, but the exact numbers are unimportant—and impressive.

A never tiring advocate for literacy, I appreciate her not only taking the time to read and review End of Mae, but she gave a plug to my upcoming release The Braid as well. Thank you Wanda… I would go to WaAr for you!

Read the whole review!

“Even if I love horror this book chilled me like few before.” —

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Leaving the Beacon

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 12.19.10 AM

Before I found out I had Lyme Disease I thought I was just tired and stressed. I’m lucky to have caught it so early.

As much as I have loved working at the Bay Beacon Newspapers, Friday will be my last day. The decision doesn’t come easy. There are a few reasons behind this move.

The first is health. Recently I was bitten by a tick and contracted Lyme Disease. I didn’t know I had it until recently, but I certainly felt it.

Constant migraines, chest pain, panic attacks and burning eyes were just a few of the symptoms that suddenly popped up. I attributed everything to stress.

I’m on my first week of antibiotics and feeling more like my self again, but I’m no longer up to the extreme challenge that comes from working at a small, multi-publication newspaper. It’s time for me to move to a new challenge. I am completely moving away from news media to work at Cafe Bienville in Niceville.

I’m excited to start my new job and the reduced hours bring me to the second reason I am leaving the Beacon. My own writing has really been taking a positive turn recently and I need more time to develop new work. Cafe Bienville has such a great atmosphere and is full of creative energy and people. I see myself turning out a lot more of my writing work under its influence—and with the time!

The Beacon will always remain a positive experience for me, however. I regard my 2.5 years there with pride and affection. It’s one of the most difficult jobs I’ve ever held with new challenges on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis. My growth has been phenomenal and while I couldn’t get much of my own writing done while there, the newspaper has trained me to be a professional wherever I rest my keyboard.

It will be difficult to leave at the end of this week but I look forward to new adventures ahead—and my copy of the Bay Beacon delivered to me each week.

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Mr. BoneJangles is going to a new home…

Mr. BoneJangles

Mr. BoneJangles

Mr. BoneJangles & Other Tales of Dark Karma is moving from my house to a new publisher—Line by Lion Publications!

I will be un-publishing the book tonight so that Line by Lion can take over. Mr. BoneJangles was my first collection of short stories. The cover was designed by Crystal Bozeman Clifton with editing and formatting done by Amy Eye from the Eyes for Editing.

I’m excited to join the impressive list of authors Line by Lion already boasts and working with their publishing team.

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