Royalty Report

Ah, the end of the month when the royalty payments come in. It’s hard to decide where to spend it all. I took a photo to help me decide. Where do you spend yours?

Decisions, decisions...

Decisions, decisions…


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Book Trailer for Falling by Amy Eye

I wanted to reshare the book trailer Kyra Starr made for Amy Eye’s soon to be released new book, Falling. I was just rewatching it and am always so impressed by her cinematic skills. I’ve dabbled with this stuff and it isn’t easy. Enjoy!


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Sneaky Peek at Latest WIP: Don’t Worry, Star

First peek at Don't Worry, Star, due out Oct. 5.

First peek at Don’t Worry, Star, due out Oct. 5.

What Did the Cat See? was my experiment with Kindle Book Creator and it turned out better than expected. It stayed in the Top 10 list for Amazon cat books the entire time it was free, peaking at #1. That got my engines revved, and I immediately started planning the follow-up.

Due October 5, Don’t Worry, Star is well underway. This time I’m combining my own photography with digital images to create a unique style of illustration. Don’t Worry, Star is a reassurance to children that they need not worry about a thing. They are perfect as they are.

Written for my own daughter, Kyra Starr, on her 21st birthday, the message is genuine and something we all need to be reminded at times. Don’t worry… you are fine like you are.

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Hard at Work….

WorkingDon’t mind me. I’m hard at work on my next project, Don’t Worry, Star. Tomorrow I should be ready to pass on a sneak peek. I hope to have it in the final stages by Monday.

Ta for now… I’m back to work!

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Help Alaqua Animal Refuge

photo2902My name is Egg and I’m a survivor just like my mother.

Ever since my mother was old enough to get pregnant, she was used for breeding. All she wanted was a safe, clean home where she would be loved.

That’s really all anyone wants, right?My siblings, Early and Easter, and I were born in a dirty house and lived in conditions so bad, I’ll spare you the details. My mother only wanted us to be safe. She prayed and prayed that someone would save us all and finally someone did.

Now we are living at Alaqua Animal Refuge in a clean place with lots of love and care. The doctor is treating our skin and ear infections and we will be here a while as we build our immune systems. After we are all spayed/neutered and up-to-date on vaccines, we will be able to find our forever homes. No one will ever be able to use us the way they used our mother. Please donate to Alaqua so they can continue to save families like ours. Thank you.

To sponsor Early, Easter, and Egg visit:

While you wait, read Tails of Imagination by Robin Wiesneth, an adorable story about pets dreaming of their own forever homes.

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Renaissance Sunset

Poem Renaissance Sunset

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“Falling” for Amy Eye!

Falling CoverComing soon: Falling, written by my friend and editor Amy Eye. Congratulations not only to her for her wonderful new book, but to her illustrator, Mary- Anne Leslie!

Both have them have done a stellar job on a beautiful story. I can’t wait to hold my signed copy (hint, hint!) soon :)

Funny back story on Falling: My daughter decided she is on a journey to see America, and she stopped up and stayed with Amy for a week or so and wound up getting to help with this project. Keeping it in the family ;p

Congratulations Amy and Mary-Anne on a wonderful book – I can’t wait to order mine! Check out the amazing book trailer Kyra made:


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DIY: Book Cover Pennant

DIY Book Cover PennantIt was 5 a.m. and I had to have something nice to show off my book covers for a signing in about two hours.

Out of desperation, I made myself a book cover pennant to highlight my work and decorate my table.

It was made with materials on hand: string, card stock and a regular printer. It took my about 15 minutes from start to finish.

I can see this idea being an attractive (and cheap!) alternative to the usual vinyl author banner ordered from Vistaprint. I can also see it having other uses…

  • Parents can decorate a child’s bedroom with covers from their favorite bookcovers.
  • Teachers can string them up in a classroom to show what books the class has read.
  • Libraries can make pennants to go with the month’s theme.

Making it was easy. I printed each cover onto cardstock, cut the covers out and punched holes in the top two corners. Then I just strung them onto some old fashioned twine I happened to have and I had my decoration.

It was a great tool for talking about all my books because it attracted attention and it was simple for me to point out the different covers. If you try this, share a photo with me and tell me what you used yours for :)

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To Be Released: Don’t Worry, Star

Don't Worry StarI’ve got an announcement! Another children’s book, Don’t Worry, Star, will be released Oct. 5, just in time for my second daughter’s 21st birthday.

I’ll be releasing a  few images soon, but in the meantime all I can share is the cover.

And while that’s in the works, What Did the Cat See? is hanging in the rankings on Amazon and getting great reviews :)

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Friends of the Library Book Sale/Signing a Success!

Signing books at the Friends of the Niceville Library annual book sale. I started with just over 50 books and took home just about 20.

Signing books at the Friends of the Niceville Library annual book sale. I started with just over 50 books and took home just under 20.

I was privileged to be able to sign books at the Niceville Friends of the Library annual book sale today. It’s been a few years since I’ve done a book signing so it was good to get out and do the social part of ‘authoring,’ but even better knowing I was able, in a small way, to contribute to a greater good.

I’ve watched this dedicated group of supporters over the last year. They put their own schedules to one side and tirelessly work to raise money to

They made me a poster... I was so thrilled!

They made me a poster… I was so thrilled!

contribute to our local library. With government cut backs, programs like local libraries are pinched, but with everyone’s budget pinched, public libraries are more important than ever. Today this group of ladies raised very close to $3,500 dollars that goes directly to library programs.

I am so honored that, in a small way, I was able to be a part of that. All authors need to be an active support for our libraries. Libraries promote reading, and what do authors need to survive? Readers. Supporting our local libraries is supporting literacy, and without literacy we are out of a profession.

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