Back soon…

back_soonA quick note to apologize for being absent lately. Life has spilled over with funerals, marriages, house moving, extra work… and holidays.

My writing projects are on hold at the moment but I will try to have everything wrapped up and be back on track by mid-December at the latest.

If you miss me, there’s plenty to explore on Amazon while you wait ;p

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50 miles down, 15 pounds to go

As I hit my 50th mile today I think I can officially call myself a runner. Slow, but determined.

Today I passed a milestone—my 50th mile running. I weighed in this morning at 150 pounds. I am a mere 15 pounds away from my final weight goal. I’ve become the kind of person that would have annoyed me 6 months ago. I apologize for being that annoying person, but I like it here :)

I’m still trying to process the changes. Just last May I was obese. My Body Mass Index was 36.1. The National Institute of Health deems BMI higher than 30 to be in the obese range, and I felt it. My feet and knees hurt, I was slow moving and wherever I parked myself I tended to stay. I still have a ways to go, but the fact that I am going is a thrill.

I started running in early November to push myself through another plateau, and now I’m addicted to the sense of freedom and accomplishment. Running is the one time in my crazy days that my mind can be still and I find it meditative.

For one hour my brain and my phone shuts off and I focus on the simple—breathing, how my feet are moving, stress in my joints, what is on the path directly ahead. I listen to my music and myself with few thoughts save accomplishing the next mile. It’s peace.

Running has also helped me cross my last weight plateau. I stayed at 153 pounds for nearly an entire month. Finally, on Sunday, I weighed in at 152 and I knew that I was finally moving back down. Sunday was also my birthday and that lost pound more than made up for the lack of cake and goodies.

Every year, on my birthday I’ve made the wish that I would finally lose some weight. Every year I have vowed that I would get serious, and the next year would find me different, stronger and fit. Every year would find me less fit and weaker. Until now.

I didn’t start out last May to transform myself. I had given up on that idea already. I just wanted to give up sugar. How could I know what an amazing difference that one, simple act of denial would make in my life?

Now I am that annoying, label checking girl in the market looking suspiciously at the health drinks (most aren’t healthy at all) and browsing Amazon looking at work out gear. I’ve felt guilt and shame for becoming that person even as I happily check out my progress in the mirror.

I try to remember one thing during all of this: our value is not in what we look like or some number on a scale. Our value is in who we are, and how we make the world around us better. We are all on different journeys and no journey is better than another. We all seek the same destination but the steps we take to get there are different.

I am thrilled with where my path is taking me and I invite fellow travelers to share this walk with me. Just get some good running shoes first.

Calculate your BMI

You can follow my weight loss journey…

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WIP: Heartless

The Soap Morgue Lotions and Potions special edition of Heartless is nearly ready!



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Eyes for Editing Holiday Specials

I just want to give a shout out to my friend, Amy Eye from The Eyes for Editing. I’ve known and worked with Amy for just about five years now and she has done all sorts of book work for me from layout to editing. She’s professional, friendly and affordable—and with even better prices with her holiday specials.

She also publishes the annual charity anthology Christmas Lites, now in its fifth year, so if you’d like to see her work first hand order a copy to see for yourself and support a good cause—The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence—as well.

image001 (1)

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Word Bank


My apologies. It’s silly poem time today, inspired by press releases.

Word Bank Poem


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More miles, less pounds


Stickers are a new challenge…

Up until last Tuesday, my work-outs have consisted of an hour of running in place in my bathroom. I got bored and decided to take my work-out outside.

I looked up what distance an hour run would be and found an estimate of five miles. I bought some running shoes and went for it. It was exhausting and beautiful.

After so many months of staring out the bathroom window, suddenly being free was exhilarating—and painful! At the end of the first run I thought I was having nerves shoot sharp pains through my ankles. Turns out I was covered in stickers. That never happened running in the bathroom.

Since then, I’ve run 28.2 miles and my focus has turned from what the scale says (still 153!) to how many miles. The running is more intense and I love the challenge. A curious thing has happened to the heavy, slow and tired office worker from six months ago. I’m turning into an athlete.

For now, the scale seems to be stuck on 153 but I’m told that’s because I’m replacing fat with muscle. That I can believe. For the first time in my life, I don’t mind how my legs look to me. Even more important, every mile I conquer if filling me with confidence. I’ve traveled a long way in half a year and I like it here.

You can follow my weight loss journey…

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Back to Pirantulas…


Filming on Pirantulas! has been set back due to weather problems but we’ve pressed on and gotten a full day done. It’s pretty thrilling seeing words in my head come to life for all of us. I somehow lucked out and find myself in the midst of a great group of professionals.

Ever the optimist, I hope to be finished with filming within the next few weeks.

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Panhandle Focus #7

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 8.13.27 PMThe latest Panhandle Focus is up at and this issue is the best yet. We have an excellent story on beekeeping, pollinators in peril and Pastor Ben Rossell. We have the second installment from Rachel Reese’s John Henry trilogy. There is a beautiful poem by Sarah Clauson… and so much more.

This is, beyond a doubt, our best issue yet—and we’re just getting started. I have to give a big thank you to everyone who helps make the Focus what it is. Whether it’s contributing stories, sending in photos, solving technical issues behind the scenes or sharing the Focus, every thing you do is appreciated.

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Karmic Circle available now in all formats

karmiccircle_frontcover3 (1)I’m happy to announce that Karmic Circle is available now in both Square² paperback at Createspace and in ebook. The printed version will be available in all major distribution chains in the next few days.

The book consists of three separate stories that illustrate how our actions affect the people surrounding us as well as our own fates. The common thread linking the three segments is an ordinary dog.

From the cover:

You can‘t hide from karma.

Each of us receive our just rewards in time and evil is repaid tenfold. Three separate, but interlinked stories explore the law of reaping and sowing as a small dog finds his way through a dark and dangerous city.

Be wary of your deeds—there‘s no cheating the Karmic Circle.

Ebook exclusively on Amazon

Also available as a Square² paperback


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Cubecraft with Bryan Thao Worra

Bryan Thorra Worra cubed.

Bryan Thorra Worra cubed.

Here’s a fun idea from my friend and mentor, Bryan Thao Worra. He calls it Cubecraft and shares his own design.

You can pull his design, linked below, into Photoshop, Gimp or Microsoft Paint and modify the image to be anyone or anything you want. I can see a lot of interesting possibilities with this—even something patriotic for Veterans Day.

You can download Worra’s design and modify it yourself at his Flickr stream.

What will you make?

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