It’s End of Mae Eve

April is finally over and it’s finally time to start unveiling all the goodies I have planned for the next 31 days… (takes a deep breath)…

…there will be video reviews, gifts, treasure hunts, Bookcrossing hunts, piano playing as well as guest posts, reviews and contests.

There will be two live readings, six book signings, a visit to a grave, a mass giveaway to our troops overseas, five books gone wild, multiples of movies, a new virtual club to dance in, a few flash games and one adorable kitten being flaunted.

This will take place everywhere… on blogs, in art galleries, in random strangers’ backyards… anywhere I won’t get arrested.  If it’s legal I will be there on my fearless mission to spread Mae Awareness everywhere.  I don’t even know all the surprises yet!

Tomorrow Mae Awareness Month officially kicks off globally on Book Island, a community in Second Life dedicated to the art of writing and all that entails, and End of Mae is starting off the month long treasure hunt there.  There are limo rides to tour the island and a big birthday party celebration on May 19th.  Time to dust off those avatars and come hunt down virtual treasure.

My friend Nat and I were too excited to wait – we may just sit here until the party starts!

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Angela Yuriko Smith publishes fiction and nonfiction books across multiple genres and she has been included in various anthologies, newspapers and online publications. In the past she has served as a host for JournalJabber online radio talk show and has been interviewed on National Public Radio for her nonfiction work.
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