Shout Out for Christine’s Photo

Please give them some Facebook love ;D

Tonight I’m passing over my post to benefit a friend of mine.  I’ve known Christine online for maybe a year now and she is one of those talented and pleasant people who everyone loves.  Her husband is trying to win a photo contest on Facebook and I’d love to ask everyone that reads my blog to go give them a ‘like’ asap.

Right now their photo is in third place but with some clicking and sharing they can easily win.  What’s the prize if they do?  Christine says, “If hubby wins this contest, I get a small vacation ;-P”  She certainly deserves it!

Go here to give them a like ;D

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2 Responses to Shout Out for Christine’s Photo

  1. It won’t let me ‘like’ without a FB account :-(

  2. stine1 says:

    Thank you Angela *hugs*

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